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    Ever since the first shadow cast performance in Toronto on January 3rd, 2009, shadow casting has been a staple for the ultimate Repo! experience. Today, dozens of casts scattered all across North America and Europe continue to perform the film for enthusiastic Repo! fans.

    The Shadow Cats of Toronto, ON

    But what is a shadow cast exactly? A shadow cast is a group of performers who re-enact a film while it plays on a screen behind them. They add their own unique twist to what is seen on screen. Shadow casts also typically interact with the audience, allowing them to participate in the film viewing experience. Shadow casting is a popular tradition with several cult films, the most notable film being the 'Rocky Horror Picture Show'.

    90 Day Delinquents of Chicago, IL


    Repo! The Genetic Opera was the collaborative creation of artist Terrance Zdunich, musician Darren Smith and director Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw II-V). Originally written for the stage, this film features dark, heavy themes through edgy tunes. It is set in the near future, when the planet is plagued with organ failures and desperate citizens turn to one super biotech corporation GeneCO to save them. However, when a patient neglects to pay for their organ transplants, GeneCO sends in Repomen to reposess them. Along with a twisted premise, the film also features a very ecclectic cast, from actors like Anthony Stewart Head (Buffy The Vampire Slayer), Paul Sorvino (Romeo and Juliet), Bill Moseley (Devil's Rejects) and Alexa Vega (Spy Kids), to musicians like Ogre and Sarah Brightman, and even famous heiress Paris Hilton.

    From the very beginning, the production of Repo! The Genetic Opera has been a grassroots project of love from the people who made it and the fans who love it. From the tight budget to the constant struggles in distribution, making this film a success was no easy feat. With very few prints made and little-to-no marketing budget, the filmmakers took it upon themselves to make sure their film gets shown. In return, fans stepped up to support the project by helping out with viral promotion, creating buzz, and starting cult film traditions such as callbacks and shadow casting. With a group of talented and dedicated filmmakers and a tight-knit group of fans, it is certain that the Repo! viewing experience is truly a memorable one.

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