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    This website was started by Kim of the Toronto Repo! shadow cast, The Shadow Cats and is now maintained by Cheryl of the New York Repo! shadow cast, NY Repo. If you are forming a shadow cast for Repo! The Genetic Opera and would like to be promoted on this website, email her your cast info and she will add you to the list!

    Things to include in your email:
    - Your shadow cast name
    - Your location
    - Your venue
    - Your logo (if applicable)
    - Links to your website/twitter/facebook/tumblr/instagram/myspace/email or whatever you want listed on the site
    - Make sure to specify if you are an active cast or you are still forming!

    If you have any questions about Repo! shadowcasts or just want to say hi, feel free to drop her a line too!


    Be promoted on the Twitter and Facebook accounts! Email your announcement, post it in the Repo Cast Network group on Facebook, or @tweet to @reposhadowcast and your news will be posted in 140 characters or less!

    NOTE: Don't feel discouraged if Cheryl takes a while to email you back/add you to the listing. She is a busy girl, but promises to get to it as soon as she can!